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The Center Of Creative Imagination

We are Oareeses (PVT) Ltd a Video Production Company, Specialized in 3D Animation & Visual Effects.
We do deliver quality works & maintaining industry standards.
We are blessed with a highly skilled and experienced team of specialists and  equipped with all the production tools to cater any requirement of clients from local and international platforms. 
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About Oareeses
We are believing in creative imaginations, constant research, unique concepts and professional industry skills that makes our products eventually turned in to masterpieces.
Our determination of earning trust and confidence of all our loyal costumers among both international and local platform is our vision to stand as a market leader in the industry.
  • Dila Hettiarachchi
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Gayan Dilasalle Hettiarachchi

Oareeses is always ready to deliver customized higher quality products that meets international standards to cater local to global markets.
We are most concerned of maintaining an elegant service and higher client satisfactory by understanding client's key requirement thoroughly.
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Winsly Hemal

Balance management of maintaining the quality of the production and service by meeting deadlines of supply accurately in order to cater increasing demand is our core mission and the development strategy.
We will make sure that choosing Oareeses is the greatest investment that a businessperson could ever make for a life time.
  • Nalin Gregory Hettiarachchi


Believing and investing in human entrepreneurial talents, professional skills and their creative imaginations are the greatest investments that a businessperson could ever think of.
They just need to be fueled with the right motivation and right direction with a proper agreement where both parties get equal benefits and a ladder to an enormous success.

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